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FirstClass Depot is pleased to announce that RWD Version 7 is available to customers who have current Maintenance and Support contracts* (see contact us).

RWD version 7 represents a new direction in the development of the product, with exciting new objects and a new methodology that will ensure that your websites can aggregate content from a growing number of different content sources.  

We've created all new objects that take pure data from the server and then construct the web view right on the browser.  This offloads the processing from the server to the user's web browser while allowing for a more flexible look and feel.  These objects can also be made to render content that comes from outside of FirstClass - such as Google and iCal calendars for example.

Designed for servers running FirstClass 11 and above, RWD 7 is our most ambitious upgrade yet.

Responsive Design

RWD has been fundamentally changed in its architecture to support responsive web design.  This change was difficult to implement without causing existing websites, built on earlier versions of the product, to function improperly - or break completely.  

While RWD has worked reasonably well on small screens if sites were not set to a fixed width, we've fundamentally changed the product to support responsive web design.  

Now your websites will automatically adjust themselves both in scale and in layout to fit any screen size, but can be set to stop expanding after a specific screen size has been reached so that they still look excellent on very very large screens.

Existing websites may need some modification to their design in order to work well in all screen sizes.

New and Improved Mashup Slideshow

Along with the new responsive design capabilities comes a new slideshow for mashups that features improved performance and adds the ability to play video directly in the slideshow window as opposed to in a lightbox as is the case with the version 6 slideshow.  

Additionally, we've added a smart indicator panel that shows the slide numbers and, if there is a link related to the image, a "Read More" button appears.  

Using a configuration form, the slideshow can be customized in a number of paramters, including which controls display and the speed at which the slideshow operates.

The new RWD 7 slideshow is fully reponsive so it will display at the proper size for any screen!

Last Modified: Sep 29, 2015
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