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What's New in RWD Version 6
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FirstClass Depot is pleased to announce that RWD Version 6 will be available after March 1, 2013 to customers who have current Maintenance and Support contracts* (see contact us).

RWD version 6 represents a new direction in the development of the product, with exciting new objects and a new methodology that will ensure that your websites can aggregate content from a growing number of different content sources.  

We've created all new objects that take pure data from the server and then construct the web view right on the browser.  This offloads the processing from the server to the user's web browser while allowing for a more flexible look and feel.  These objects can also be made to render content that comes from outside of FirstClass - such as Google and iCal calendars for example.

Designed for servers running FirstClass 11 and above, RWD 6 is going to yet again improve the way your website works!

As usual, we've broken our upgrades into three main areas:  

1) Design and Layout Enhancements - New in this release:
Rounded Mashup Panels and Tabs
Mashup panels and tabs can now have rounded corners!  21613_32804_0.png
This setting can be made at the Site Administrator level for all mashups, but can also be overriden at the local page level.  Square and rounded panels can also be applied in a mixed fashion if desired, however it is set by column, not for individual panels.  

Header Links Rollover Graphics
Items in the Header links bar can be set to have a different background image when hovered over by the web visitor's mouse.  
Improved Support for Transparent Images

In some cases, you may wish for your site design to interact with the page background image or color.  In this version, we have improved the logic in RWD to allow for multiple layers of transparency to be apparent in the main design sections of the page.  Images defined on the page can, if partially transparent, show through to the section section background below and / or to the page background below that.

Google Search and Google Translate Widgets

search_translate.pngAvailable as options in the Global Control Header Links bar, the Google Search and Translate widgets can be added to your site just by selecting them in the RWD Global Control form.  

The search can be configured to search all of the sites in a domain, or just the sub-domain of the current site.   


Because RWD employs AJAX instead of iframes, all content* on a page, including mashup pages, and menus etc. are translated to the desired language when using the translate feature.

* not all objects translate when displayed in a mashup including the Calendar Widget and any iframes used.

2) FirstClass Objects / Other Objects on the web - New in this release:
RWD has fundamentally changed in approach in this version. All of the new objects outlined below function differently than their predecessors.  Instead of the object being constructed on the server in the RWD templates, these new objects are created from a mixture of pure data from the server (the content) and a library that is loaded on the user's browser and constructed for viewing there.  This approach is both much more efficient (because the processing requirements are taken care of by each individual's browser instead of the central server) and the resulting output is more controllable and flexible.   The objects below are all available in RWD 6 and can transform your websites into truly modern and powerful communications vehicles.

In-Page media, Files and Documents  (click on pictures for full size image where applicable)30813_71054_0.jpg
RWD 6 features an improved capability in the display of media, PDF documents and FirstClass Documents.  Any conference item, including files such as PDFs can be opened in a lightbox right in the page where they are listed.  YouTube videos and other web media can also be played directly in a lightbox from a link.  

30813_72112_3.jpgThis capability means that visitors to your website can access content more quickly and conveniently, without having to be taken to another page or website.  Simply clicking outside of the lightbox returns the view to the original page so that the user can resume browsing.

Content Library  (click on pictures for full size image where applicable)

21813_111130_1.jpgAt the core of RWD publishing is the idea of posting content to the web incrementally - as things happen - instead of making full web pages for everything.  RWD 6 replaces the existing Blog listing with the new Content Library.  This new object supports a host of features for formatting the output such as control over the thumbnail images, backgrounds etc., but the key features of the object are found in the sorting and filtering capabilities that web visitors can use to find content in the listing.  Sorting can be done on the Title, Preview, or the Date of posts to the conference.  Users can also type text into either the Title or Preview filter fields and instantly reduce the number of viewable items in the list to those that match the text they are searching for.  

These new capabilities make the Content Library ideal for document and policy listings, as well as dramatically improve the usefullness of conference items for news and homework lists as well.
The content library can be configured to display any combination of the features in the object, including an improved RSS functionality (see next item for details).

And, the Content Library can be configured to display directly in a mashup page if desired!table_spacer.png

New RSS functionality

30313_102137_0.jpgRSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a means by which blog (conference) information can be sent automatically as a feed to a special reader on the web, or to a smart phone so that users can be kept up to date with posts from your website without having to go there.  

The new functionality of RSS features improved templates that are in accordance with emerging standards, as well as a change in the results when a user clicks on the RSS button.

Instead of simply displaying the feed in the browser, the new methods in RWD cause a lightbox to open that explains a little about RSS and instructs the user as to how to take advantage of the feed.


Document Slideshow

The Document Slideshow object can display the contents of a conference - FirstClass Documents or Image Files - in the form of a slideshow that can be configured in a number of interesting ways. The speed of transition, the hold time for each item, the background graphic to be displayed, and the transition type (there are many to choose from) can all be configured using a special configuration form for the Document Slideshow.  A set of controls can be added as well to give users the ability to advance the items manually or stop the slideshow.

Also, using the new 'Alt URL' field in the standard message blog container, you can direct the on-click behaviour of any item so that it does; 1) nothing, 2) opens the document or image itself in a lightbox, or 3) opens any other valid URL, including Youtube to create a player right on the screen for the video.

This new object is excellent for front page features of key posts or images that can lead the user to any content you choose.

Graphics Gallery Slideshow / Image Slideshow

The RWD Graphics Gallery has been dramatically improved!  Now, when a visitor clicks on an image, that image is displayed in an attractive lightbox which will scale itself to up to 80% of the dimensions of the browser window, regardless of the size of the original image.  Images in the gallery can be browsed directly from this lightbox, or the user can click on the new Slideshow button to begin an automatic slideshow that will display all images in the gallery.  30313_102328_1.jpg

Alternativley, the slideshow can be triggered directly from a link in the Navigation Sidebar or Header Links bar of RWD to immediately display all of the images in a container as a configurable slideshow.

Priority Calendar

The Priority Calendar is a great way to highlight just some of the events in a given FirstClass Calendar. This object is designed to work in a Mashup Page and will display only those events in the calendar that are marked as Urgent (an otherwise unused setting in a calendar item).  This object can be configured to display as many future events as desired.

The Priority Calendar object only displays future events, so events drop off as they happen.

Calendar Widget
The Calendar Widget is a listing of all events in a given calendar. Further, this object can be configured to display FirstClass, Google, or iCal calendars.  

The widget is designed with navigation so that a user can scroll forward or backward in time endlessly, or go to a specific date using a drop down calendar search object.  

When dates are clicked, the event expands gracefully to reveal the time and location. Clicking on the more information link provided opens the event itself in a lightbox in the case of a FirstClass Calendar, or moves the page to Google if a Google Calendar.

A number of configuration options are available to modify the look and feel of the object.

Public Feedback  

Long requested by our customers, the ability to collect feedback from web visitors who are not licensed FirstClass users on your system is finally here!
The Public Feedback feature of RWD allows for anonymous web visitors to authenticate to your system and submit a feedback form that contains up to 10 distinct fields with custom labels.  

Text, Dates, Numbers, and Drop Down lists of choices can be set into the form.  The feedback will be directed to a custom conference that has a columner layout to match the fields in the form.  

The system also reports the URL of the site that the user was at when the form was activated, as well as the web user's IP address to address system abuse issues.
Digital Signage

Many organizations have a need for digital signs to display events and news in their lobbys.  Designed for high resolution monitors, the RWD Digital Sign can display a scrolling calendar of events or meetings, along with any configuration of news or slideshows in an attractive layout. digital_sign0.png

Content on the sign is updated directly from FirstClass easily and quickly, and the results are automatically updated on the monitor with no screen refresh required.  

Significant cost savings can be had with the RWD Digital Sign as updates require no technical training, and it negates the need for expensive software designed only for this purpose.

The calendar in the Digital Sign can be a FirstClass, Google or iCal calendar so duplication of content is avoided.

3) Automation and Management Control - New in this release

New Site Object Picker Options

Object Configuration Files:  Available from the root of any RWD site container by using the New Admin Object picker, the configuration files associated with each of the new object types can be added and then moved to wherever in the site they are needed.

Object Viewer: A new container has been added to the AutoNav picker called the Object Viewer. This container is designed to hold documents, images or pdf files in any combination.  When a website visitor clicks on the Object Viewer, a manually run slideshow of the container's contents is created in a lightbox, letting a user click to advance through the objects in the container.

Image Slideshow Container: While the RWD Graphics Gallery has been improved to include a slideshow capability, in some cases, you may wish to only display a slideshow and not have the images viewable as a gallery.  This would be the case if you wished to have a link on one of your web pages that called up a slideshow directly.  The Image Slideshow Container is a new option in the Object Picker that creates a graphics gallery container that does not include a Home Page in it.

Web Feedback Container: In order to securely accept form data coming from the visitors to your website using the new Public Feedback capability in RWD 6, a new conference has been added to the New Admin Object picker, accessed in the root of each RWD website container.  This conference has the appropriate permissions pre-set for the Public Feedback Options (see help documentation for more information) and contains a custom column layout rule that will display all possible feedback fields in a tabular format.

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*Please contact us to book a demonstration of RWD or to discuss the upgrade process.

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