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FirstClass For Business
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Solutions for Business - More Features. Lower TCO.  It just makes sense.

The FirstClass Collaboration Suite has been designed to provide businesses with a cost-effective solution that will:

Connect Distributed Employees
Technology has enabled businesses to break down the barriers of the traditional “9 to 5” workday in the office.  Many organizations employ home-based employees working from offices around the world or the business itself may be entirely virtual. FirstClass provides a single location for employees to connect, collaborate on projects, and share information, regardless of their physical location.

Enable Knowledge Sharing Across the Organization
An organization’s greatest strength lies in the knowledge of its people. Too often, many businesses miss out on opportunities or make costly errors in decision making due to the lack of effective internal communication and timely sharing of information. FirstClass provides a flexible and accessible environment that ensures critical information can be quickly exchanged between relevant parties.

Replace “Pieced-together” Systems
The time and resources required to manually integrate disparate systems across an organization can be daunting. FirstClass’ “single solution” approach ensures that organizations benefit from a multitude of features and capabilities without the additional expenses associated with integration, administration, and user training on multiple, disconnected systems.

Enable a Team-based Approach to Problem-solving
FirstClass delivers a proven collaborative environment that provides organizations with a powerful facility for staff to effectively work together on projects online. Documents, schedules, voice files, graphics, and other information can be maintained within topic-based discussion areas that enable project team members to easily share and collaborate on specific topics of interest.

Run on Multiple Platforms
FirstClass has been designed to work in diverse computing environments through its broad support for multiple platforms — including Windows, MAC OS X (PPC or Intel), Linux Client and web browsers — enabling anytime, anywhere access to the system from any type of Internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

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